The Center for Liberalism and Democracy (CLD) is a policy research think tank in the Philippines that promotes and advocates the liberal principles of freedom and democracy; justice, social equity and human rights; and inclusive and sustainable development.

To promote the basis of liberal ideals of participatory democracy, social justice, national sovereignty and solidarity with all nations.

CLD Board is composed of members from different fields of expertise including policy, communication, civic engagement, participatory local governance, peace-building, agrarian reform and rural development, environmental protection, social entrepreneurship, political party management, youth empowerment, leadership, and good governance.

Our projects are focused on three pillars: 1) Review and Formulation of Policy, 2) Strengthening Institutions, and 3) People Empowerment. We do policy research, online and onsite forums, and public discussions on topics related to our mission and mandate.


We are open to collaborations. Please contact us if you wish to work on a project or program with us.


Plaza Miranda is CLD’s quarterly policy magazine. We cover a diverse list of topics. You may contact us for possible content collaboration and/or contribution.


Freedom Spaces Initiatives are events that create a free marketplace of ideas by encouraging free expression, and discourse; bridging divides while recognizing diversity of standpoints. It is an initiative of CLD in an effort to expand and create new platforms for liberal democratic discourse, cultivate liberal consciousness, and introduce liberal values.


If you have any questions about this FAQ or if you have further questions, please contact us.